Residential Roofing

High-quality Roof Installation Services in Sandwich, MA and Nearby Cities

New roof installation is one of the most important and challenging home repairs. To guarantee fast, cost-efficient, and optimal outcomes, it’s imperative to work with the best professionals. Our qualified technicians at Reynolds Roofing have the skills and expertise to complete your roofing project on time while satisfying your expectations. We’ve been delivering the most reliable residential roofing services in Sandwich, MA, and nearby cities for 35 years. We offer affordable, quality results and exceptional customer service.

Get Durable and Efficient Roof Replacements

Whether you need quick maintenance or a complete roof replacement, we have the best solution for you. Call Reynolds Roofing to have our experts determine the condition of your roof and provide the best solution according to your preferred roof type. We only use the best materials and keep the highest standards on our work.


We’ll work with the following types of roofing:

  • Slate
  • Rubber 
  • Asphalt 
  • Cedar shingles

Call Now to Request More Information

If your home is in need, reach Reynolds Roofing for a consultation. Our expert contractors can also help you pick the ideal roofing installation for your home or business. Contact our expert roofers at (774) 338 – 5519 and request your free estimate! We also provide a 10% discount to veterans in Sandwich, MA and nearby cities.

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